Monday, 27 Sep 2021


It is not possible to achieve a perfect CSGOrank distribution because Valve does not share our accounts in information. I assume the situation was different in the past, but due to the laws on anonymity, loading servers or the laws on gambling they needed to set those restrictions.

Only users’ data, such as demo assessment, tournament history, beloved maps and weapons, general performance and all sorts of detailed information, can be accessed from each website. We require you to scrap details from our accounts, which can be used to split the user base into all levels, using all such utilities.

The rank data details

  • Low-end player silver. Silver. Gold is ranked less than one percent of the player roster. Be aware that improving your goal will have an important impact on your matches, ranking and play satisfaction. If you are one of them
  • Master Guardian Elite or higher accounts for the top 20 percent of the players list. It is already an important achievement for you to reach this field and therefore be proud of your qualifications.
  • The Global Elite is the only elite to achieve. It was different than it is today, but now you just get the best players in the match

Tips in gaining your rank

Just after a game was lost, players hurried instantly in disappointment into another game. This is bad as you play a lot more badly when you’re frustrated because the last game didn’t get you wrong. Instead of playing a different game after a game is lost, take a short break to work out what went wrong in the last game. I CSGOrank can be accomplished by watching your game show from the main menu using the Play option. Below are some things you may know in the previous game that went wrong.